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Would you delete memories for money?

Would You Delete Memories for Money?

05 Dec 2017

Would you take the chance to delete your most precious memories for a sum of money? Don’t Panic do capitalism versus sentimentality and test several people’s willingness to wipe their brains for money in the new film with ‘Memories or Money?’ In a recent piece of research conducted by, it was found that…

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Don't Panic Fireworks

Behold A Glorious Night of Fire

01 Nov 2017

Don’t Panic appreciates that sometimes the best way to puncture the tension and threat of complete annihilation is with a little satire. Humour can help broach even the tensest of conversations and deliver some of the most complicated messages. After all, there’s no more ambitious rebrand than that of North Korea’s most glorious general. Working…

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It’s not this summer's new blockbuster but our political pranks.

Betrayal, Sex and Grime. No, it’s not this summer’s new blockbuster but our political pranks.

19 May 2017

In a move to bring humour to British politics, last week we unleashed one of our own, Mr Heydon Prowse on some unsuspecting politicians. No stranger to Pranks and Politicians, having starred in BAFTA award winning show ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’, so we feel he was perfect for the job. Our targets were; Tim…

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Mrs May’s Trump Card

17 Feb 2017

It was Valentine’s day this week, a day of widespread love and more than likely wider spread bitterness. So naturally we saw this as a chance to troll the unsuspecting and arguably incompetent people at Number 10. We delivered a giant, over the top, Valentine’s Day card from President Trump to Prime Minister Theresa May…

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23 Nov 2016

In our latest video ‘Could you stomach this?’ with PETA UK we pulled one of our classic prank/stunts to point out that drinking the milk of another species is just, well, naaaasty. We organised a focus group for “Barker’s Farmhouse Milk”, get it, “Barker’s”, and handed out some tasty samples of a new milk brand.…

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Taking online dating into the real world

02 Nov 2016

Brits spend on average a measly 1 minute and 45 seconds connecting with potential life partners while online dating and in that time will likely be bombarded with crude one-liners or lewd photos. So, for the good of the Tinder universe we did what had to be done and sent a guy onto the streets…

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Headhunting…The Unconventional Way

22 Aug 2016

When the opportunity arose for us to start the search for a creative director, we knew that in order to lure in the best creative talent in town, we would have to get sneakily creative ourselves. In a stunt which saw our own unconventional take on recruitment, two members of the Don’t Panic team set…

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Liberty Human Rights: Show Me Yours

28 Apr 2016

It’s been a few days now since ‘Show Me Yours’, the film we created for Liberty Human Rights, was released and it has collectively captured the attention of over 400K people. ‘Show Me Yours’ brings home the true scale of the snoopers’ charter and what it means for us and our privacy in a lighthearted…

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Ernie Els or Happy Gilmore in Disguise?

12 Apr 2016

“That’s your home! Are you too good for your home? Answer me!!” What would you rather do, watch paint dry or the Golf on TV? If you asked me a week ago I would have gladly said watch paint dry. But today, I could be persuaded to watch golf if it was either Happy Gilmore…

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Dale Maily gives the “Lazy Lefties” a taste of Jeremy Hunts medicine, or does he?

08 Apr 2016

On Wednesday the junior doctors were out in full force striking against the new proposed government contract. So we headed down with everyone’s favourite tory journo Dale Maily to see what all the commotion was about. As Dale reiterated many times throughout the day, Dr Hunt as he likes to call him is a personal…

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