Can You Bear It?

For World Animal Day, which took place on 4 October, animal welfare organisation Four Paws launched the next instalment in their international campaign to end bear bile farming in Vietnam.

In order to do this, they partnered up with Don’t Panic to create an endurance test, challenging the public to sit through a series of heart wrenching and disturbing images in order to highlight the severity and urgency of the situation.

Around 1,300 bile bears endure miserable lives in Vietnamese farms and private backyards, shut up in cramped metal cages. Research carried out by FOUR PAWS shows that many of them have their bile cruelly extracted to meet the insatiable illegal bear bile trade on Vietnam’s streets, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shops, on the farms themselves, or on the Internet. Bear bile has been used for several thousand years as an elixir in traditional Chinese medicine, and even today remains a sought-after product despite effective herbal alternatives.

Please watch the video and share the microsite to spread awareness and help Four Paws gather enough signatures to put an end to their suffering.

Take the test here

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