Month: December 2016

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It’s a Like/Hate Relationship

23 Dec 2016

The era we live in is indisputably run by technology. With these advances in tech, come advances in science, medicine, navigation, discovery – I won’t get carried away. But there’s a downside to all this development too. The effect it’s having on our future generations may not be as positive as we had originally hoped.…

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Joe Wade on ‘Why You DON’T Need A Creative Director’

13 Dec 2016

You might remember a few months ago when the opportunity arose for us to start the search for a creative director, we set out on a sneaky mission. In order to lure in the best creative talent in town, we would have to get sneakily creative ourselves. In a stunt which saw our own unconventional…

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Have we all gone #crazy?

07 Dec 2016

Have we all gone #crazy? Some time ago now the hashtag escaped from it’s rightful place on social media and seeped into the physical world. Although many are still befuddled and at times visibly annoyed by the fact it’s use has extended outside of Twitter, it hasn’t been too bad. Yeah, it litters our text…

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Is VR Worth It?

06 Dec 2016

Has VR had it’s day? Or is it only just beginning? Virtual Reality has been a whir of hype and a constant drone of… potential. The frenzy surrounding the digital realm of the virtual world is very much buzzing around the possibilities of creating, gaming and of course, advertising in this simulated biosphere. But is…

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05 Dec 2016

An exciting opportunity for an Account Manager has opened up. Due to major project wins we need someone with to become a part of our growing client service team. Your primary function is to be the day-to-day representative of the agency to a number of clients within the hotel and property sectors, managing all aspects…

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‘Crying at an advert is indicative of mental health issues, fact’

02 Dec 2016

Earlier in the week we shipped our MD Joe Wade off again, this time to Rome for Eurobest festival of European creativity. Apart from scoffing a plethora of pizza and spaghetti, Joe was there give his talk on comedy in advertising, and the slow death it’s currently experiencing. From the creators of the Cannes Lions,…

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Is Snapchat’s Story nearly over?

01 Dec 2016

It’s been a little while now since Instagram launched it’s shameless copycat feature Instagram Stories as a rival to Snapchat. While it caught all of our attention, admittedly because of the sheer cheek of it, the dust has now settled and the memes have died down. Now we’re asking who really has more people gathered…

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