Month: July 2016

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Juggling with data

29 Jul 2016

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine not being able to log into apps and online services using a Facebook or Google account. With PayPal payments available in local coffee shops and Apple Pay allowing the exchange of money using a smartphone, it’s hard not to notice the obvious benefits of sharing data. Along with multiple perks, such…

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Billion Dollar Shave Club

26 Jul 2016

So…shaving. Most of us tend to find shaving a personal topic of discussion and something you would generally avoid talking about. But Dollar Shave Club (DSC) has brought our grooming habits to the forefront of many conversations whilst gaining a $1 Billion acquisition by Unilever. Back in March 2012, the subscription razor service uploaded its…

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Charities, technology and the fight for millennial donors

18 Jul 2016

With more than 195,000 charities in the UK spending over £80bn a year, the charity sector is arguably in desperate need of digital disruption. Digital technology is bulldozing through any sector standing in its path, changing the way we communicate, travel and pay for goods and services. While digital trends are not exclusive to one…

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Personal Assistant/New Business Assistant

14 Jul 2016

Personal Assistant/New Business Assistant We’re looking for someone to work in a hybrid role as New Business Assistant/Personal Assistant to the ambitious Founder of a boutique Branding Design Agency in Shoreditch. Salary is competitive depending on experience. Person brief:  Excellent verbal and written communication skills  Personable telephone manner  Highly organised with good attention to…

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Pokemon Go, the Best Use of Augmented Reality Yet?

12 Jul 2016

Pokemon was synonymous with growing up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, however as with most crazes it’s relevance and appeal gradually dwindled as technology advanced. Now fast forward to 2016 and it’s back in the limelight, it’s one of the most talked topics on twitter with 6 million mentions in the last week,…

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07 Jul 2016

PAID CREATIVE INTERNSHIP Location: London, Shoreditch Industry: Creative Agency Duration: 3 months Hours: 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday Don’t Panic have never been conventional. We broke into advertising through printing political posters, digging up MPs’ lawns and making content people want to share. Now we’re looking for team players, creative(s) with a subversive sense of humour…

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VR and the Elderly: Where do they fit in a virtual world?

05 Jul 2016

Virtual reality (VR) is currently a whir of hype and ‘shiny new toys’. The frenzy surrounding the digital realms of the virtual world is very much buzzing around the possibilities of creating, gaming and essentially living in a simulated biosphere. Ostensibly, the thought of virtual reality (VR) is likely to induce images of youth, gaming…

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