Month: November 2015

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Don’t Panic’s “Everything is not Awesome” video is the focus for D&AD’s next President’s Lecture with Greenpeace

20 Nov 2015

For three years Greenpeace have been fighting fiercely for their long-running Save The Arctic campaign. Numerous acts led to Shell finally backing down; from scaling the Shard to installing automatic banners at the Brussels Formula 1 and activists dangling from bridges to block ships, the fight from supporters was relentless. Don’t Panic’s part was played…

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The Problem of Fake Views and How to deal with them

18 Nov 2015

Ever since Kurzgesagt created this video; that called out Facebook for stealing views from other channels and creatives who slaved over the content; there’s a growing concern for views vs. engagement rate on digital video content. The video tells us the clever but inaccurate ways Facebook determines a view. The result of which are ‘fake…

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‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ for the Rose D’Or.

10 Nov 2015

We are extremely pleased to announce that are highly acclaimed creative team behind have been nominated for the prestigious Rose D’Or. The awards just keep on coming and we are more then happy for that to be the case. Could this be another trophy to add to our already tightly packed shelves? We shall find…

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The Fastest Growing Language – The Emoji

09 Nov 2015

The most recent update of emojis, which included the much-anticipated taco and omnipotent unicorn, isn’t the only thing you should be looking out for when it comes to those little emotive characters that sit there nestled away on your smartphone’s keyboard. As some of you may have heard and for those that aren’t an avid…

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UNICEF UK winter campaign “World Upside Down” reaches 1.5 million views within the first 24 hours

05 Nov 2015

Don’t Panic London have created a film to launch UNICEF UK’s winter campaign. ‘World Upside Down‘ shows the uncertain and frightening realities for children in countries facing civil unrest and fallout after natural disasters. The film tells the story of a young family taking a trip to the park, but before long things start to…

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