Month: January 2014

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‘Cassetteboy vs. David Attenborough’ Reinforces Stella’s Bad Reputation

31 Jan 2014

Stella’s attempt at reinventing itself by launching a more upmarket drink for ‘posh’ drinkers, Stella Artois Black, seems to have failed as many still refer to the drink as the ‘wife beater’. Now, Cassetteboy have rearranged the words spoken by David Attenborough to create this video, depicting humans that drink Stella as being young, out…

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#Solarbrew – Celebrating the World’s First Solar Bridge

31 Jan 2014

On the 22nd of January we handed out free tea to commuters at Blackfriars station to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s first solar bridge for Solarcentury, First Capital Connect and Network Rail. Check out our video below. Shout out to @TobyLewisThomas for filming and editing!  

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Golden Bin: Sustrans

27 Jan 2014

From YouTube to Channel 4 to Paddy Power, our clients love our ideas (usually) but some don’t always make it. Our Golden Bin is full of these ideas so you can see a little more of what goes on in our brains and in our little office. Client: Sustrans – a British charity promoting sustainable…

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Church of England Issue 9 Social Media Commandments

23 Jan 2014

As you know, the Ten Commandments are a set of biblical commandments relating to worship and ethics, which play a fundamental role in Christianity and Judaism. These life rules were thought to have been received by Moses around the 13th century BC, so they’ve been around for a pretty long time. Nevertheless the Church of…

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Stunt - Blackfriars biggest brew

World’s Largest Solar Bridge Makes Britain’s Biggest Brew

21 Jan 2014

In a huge upgrade of Blackfriars Station, Network Rail was expanding into Blackfriars Bridge, built across the Thames in 1886. They planned on adding a roof and making it more sustainable, which is where Solarcentury, one of the world’s leading solar energy providers came in. Solarcentury installed over 4,400 photovoltaic panels on the bridge’s new…

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Listicle - Charlie Brooker on advertising

Charlie Brooker’s Ten Biggest Cocks and She-Cocks in Advertising

08 Jan 2014

Charlie Brooker’s Ten Biggest Cocks and She-Cocks in Advertising may be old, but it’s still relevant. Here are the biggest cocks and she-cocks in advertising, pre 2008. 10. The group of friends in Dorito’s Friendchips ad. 9. Michael Winner in the ‘Calm Down Dear!’ Ensure ad. 8. Pat, the ‘stupid turncoat whore’ in the Nescafe…

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